I’ve always known God has a purpose for me. We all have undeniable, God-given potential and gifts. Not until I found my purpose, did I see God in the details of every second leading up to “such as time as this.” I know God is placing my potential and purpose together in order to glorify His Kingdom in this very moment.

Over the last few years, I’ve asked Him to reveal Himself to me. I knew He was calling me to serve, but I didn’t know how or what that would look like. In January 2017, I fell on my knees one morning and just poured my heart out to Him. I heard the voice of God speak to my heart, “It is time.” In that instant, I knew, without a doubt, exactly what He meant.

Since that moment, He has placed daily encouragement and confirmation in front of me. There is no denying this calling. I am stepping out in faith and trusting in Him to lead my next steps.

I am passionate about God, the creator. I want to inspire others to find their God-given potential and gifts; to live a life He intended and created for each of us. I want to encourage others to have an encounter with God and seek Him fully. So much power comes from knowing Him on a personal level, and my heart aches for those who do not know or understand what it means to walk in His plan and power.

My purpose is to inspire, challenge, and help others step into their God-given design.


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